20: Aubrey and Josh Leeker of The Leekers Photography

Nebraska Wedding Podcast

November 5, 2019


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Can you believe this is the twentieth episode of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast?

 Neither could we, but time flies when you’re having fun!

For this episode, Kelly gets together with Josh and Aubrey Leeker of The Leekers Photography.

Josh and Aubrey Leeker are a husband and wife photography  team out of Lincoln, specializing in weddings and engagements. They’re going on their tenth year in the biz.

Interestingly, they got their photography start while teaching English in South Korea, (1:45) which is definitely not the most “typical” way to get into the wedding industry! (Though something we’ve learned in these 20 episodes is there’s no such thing as “typical!” ) While there, they joined a photography club and covered events for a local magazine. Their hobby soon turned into a passion – which is when they decided to get serious and turn it into their full-time business. (2:41)

Josh and Aubrey also chat about how they met – and let’s just say it’s summer-camp-teen-movie adorable. We’ll let you listen for yourselves, but yeah. It’s really stinkin’ cute. (4:30) In fact, their whole story is really stinkin’ cute. You’re going to want to hear it.

In describing their style, the Leekers site a “journalistic” approach (10:00), honed in from their beginnings as event photographers. They now combine this attention to capturing the event  – and each intimate, important moment – with a love for classic portraiture. The results, as you could imagine, are stunning.  

They discuss wedding photography trends, photographers moving away from “posed” images, and why they find timelines SO very important: “When you have guests who’ve traveled the world to come celebrate with you, it’s our job to stay on top of that and not be frolicking a field while they’re waiting for dinner.” (13:55)

 As always, Kelly asks Josh and Aubrey to tell her three things their couples may not know about them.  Let’s just say the cute keeps on coming. The Leekers are #CoupleGoals, guys.

 Speaking of which, they also share valuable advice for working with your spouse (18:30). Not too surprisingly, it all comes down to trust and communication.

 When asked what they wish clients asked more often – the Leekers want to know what clients want to ultimately get out of the experience and what they think they need. (23:29) They describe what their own packages and deliverables look like, and why that works for them. (24:41) as well as how they narrowed down their business and found their niche. (28:00)

You won’t want to miss this episode!

You can see Josh and Aubrey’s stunning work, as well as learn more about them, at www.theleekers.com

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