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we're an all-female team focused exclusively on weddings. and you.

How we work and


We want to be known as a team that adds value to your memories.
Here's how we aim to do just that:


To us, you're not just another number.
You're one of a kind human beings with unique fears and desires. So instead of one-size-fits-all pricing, templated email responses, or cookie-cutter videos, we personalize every aspect of your experience. In the end, there are a lot of people who can provide you with footage of your wedding day. With us, the experience of getting it will be entirely different and 100% unique to you.


Trust is built over time, but it can be broken in seconds. That's why from our very first call, we'll always do what we say we're going to do - when we say we're going to do it. And we'll continue to long after the contract is signed. From quick response times to open communication and honest advice, we want to be your sounding board and a team you come to rely on for more than videography.


Feeling comfortable on camera requires a videography team you feel comfortable with off-camera. That's why we'll take the time to get to know you. We'll go to dinner or have drinks. We'll walk through the day and discuss any concerns. By the wedding day, instead of a camera crew following you around, it will feel like a couple of friends who just happen to have cameras in their hands.


As trained journalists, we know to give you personal space when you're trying to remain present in a moment. It's the reason we use the same, small DSLR cameras that your photographer uses. We multiple angles versus being front and center. And we use long lenses when we film down the aisle so as to not intrude in your personal space or block your mom's view. Our objective, from the way we dress to the way we film, is to show respect for your traditions, spaces, and people.

A Collaborative Team

You've heard the phrase "Teamwork makes the dream work.", and we can attest that it's totally true. We are team players 1000%. In fact, we seek out ways to be of assistance. From carrying the photographer's gear to helping your planner move a table or two, we'll do whatever we can to make your day come together. And because our relationships in the industry run deep and wide, we're always happy to connect you with other great wedding pros who can help make your dream a reality.


“A constant professional,
Kelly will explain to you exactly what to expect
and then delivers a
high-quality video.”

My husband was very apprehensive about hiring a videographer. Having another person running around taking video did not appeal to him. However, after meeting with Kelly and talking everything over, his worries quickly faded."

Caitlyn + BJ



We produce a limited number of wedding films each year.
But because we're blessed with two talented teams, we're able to capture more love stories than ever before.


kelly lafleur

For Kelly, there never was a "before videography.” Immediately after graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism, Kelly dove headfirst into weddings and never looked back. Over the years, she has taken her expert listening skills and ability to artfully read a room and used them to create wedding films that allow viewers to hit pause on a time in their lives.
As a proud wife and mom to three kids (soon to be four!), Kelly has a knack for anticipating moments that will be truly important to you one day.

"Every time I see a mom pin on a boutonnière,
I think of the days I’ll be doing that for our son and the emotions my husband, Steven, will have as he walks each of our girls down the aisle. God-willing!
Those are the moments I hope to capture for you."

 - Kelly

Kelly is truly amazing to work with

Allison and Jake

She takes special attention to get to know you, your story and what you envision for your wedding day. It was a treat to get to know her as more than just one of our vendors, but as a friend and partner in our wedding journey. 

Kelly is trustworthy, patient and helped us along the way in every aspect that was needed. 

Kelly is attentive to detail; you truly cannot put a price tag on capturing one of the most important days of your life!

Angela and Kyle

Kelly is the perfect balance of fun and professional.

 I love that her videos capture the true essence of a couple.

Leah and Nate

lead/second cinematographer

Magie mccombs

Photography and videography have been lifelong passions for Magie. So, joining Kelly's team shortly after college graduation was a dream come true. Working for K. LaFleur Films has allowed Magie to put her degree in Video and Audio to use and discover a love for wedding films. 

Outside of work, Magie loves making short films that have been featured in the Omaha Film Festival - along with other festivals throughout the United States.

Both Magie and Kelly are amazing to work with through the entire process.

They listened to what I wanted and perfectly delivered. I would recommend their team and videos to anyone. I have watched my video no less than 50 times

Mary + Pat

We had the opportunity to work along side Magie & Kelly. Wedding days are a bit of a surprise bag.

From the very beginning we knew that working with the Lacework Team would be an effortless success. Their exceptional communication skills, observation of details and flexibility to accommodate the team effort was top notch.

Aubrey and Josh Leeker
The Leekers


madeline maloley

second cinematographer


second cinematographer

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