3 Ways to Honor Your Family & Friends Through Your Wedding Film


May 19, 2021


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“When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family, and friends.”

Barbara bush

From day one of engagement, couples are usually caught up in a flurry of excitement. Flowers and stationery, catering and cocktails, the decisions never seem to end. When the wedding morning dawns, the fortunate couple realizes what is truly most important. Their dearest friends and family will surround them with love ushering them into a new chapter of their lives. Weddings are one-of-a-kind moments where couples feel the love and honor from their families!

Ever fleeting, weddings days last just as long as every other day. It is important to have an intentional plan for honoring the family and friends that will be present. One way to accomplish this is through your wedding film. As the videography team, we take several steps to facilitate honoring your family and friends.

screenshot from Cassie + Austin

Creating natural environments for interaction 

Personalities are captured best during natural and organic moments. One of those moments on a wedding day are during family portraits. The pictures may be hung on the wall but the true magic is the in-between. The team at K. LaFleur Films turns their cameras towards those who are waiting to get their picture taken during family portraits. “Laughing, hugging, crying, it all happens during the small and often overlooked in between moments” said Kelly.

Another favorite moment for the team is first looks with family members. It sets aside a time for a conversation, a hug, a quick wish of good luck. The intentionality of the moment goes a long way in making a family member or friend feel honored and special.

She continued, “In addition, having footage of guests mingling during cocktail hour is a priority. Not only is this an incredible time of reunion and visiting, some couples miss attending the cocktail hour all together. A videography team who can be two places at once ensures that these times don’t go uncaptured.” 

photo courtesy of The Leekers
Screenshot from Marisa + Konrad
photo courtesy of Katelyn Rowan Photography

Enough time for sharing and speeches 

When seen through a different lens, the wedding day timeline is about so much more than just crossing things off a list. The timing and scheduling of certain events can have a major impact on the whole feel of the day. For example, speeches that are scheduled prior to serving a meal are often more rushed than speeches during the meal or dessert.

Some of the most relaxed and cherished times of sharing have occurred the day before the wedding at rehearsal dinners. These events are rarely captured because the moments are unanticipated. Having a videography team present at pre-wedding celebrations ensures that these moments don’t get lost.

screenshot from Katie + Ross
screenshot from Allison + Jake

Choosing a creative team that will treat your family like theirs

Though it should go without saying, one of the best ways to facilitate a honoring environment is by choosing a creative team that will treat your family like their own. “Our team at Kelly LaFleur Films is dedicated to kindness and care in every interaction and is committed to crafting an environment that is as special as your film. We want to treat your family as if they were my family” said Kelly. It is true. The most priceless experience that any team can offer their couples is one where kindness and care take priority. 

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