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Reels....we all know that Instagram is favoring video on the platform and rewarding accounts that are posting reels with higher engagement! But let's be honest, when you think of a reel you think of dancing and pointing in front of a ring light to popular music, right? That screams everything but a luxury brand.

However, there is a way to curate reels for your brand and I would love to help you with that! With our reels creation service, I study trends, trending audio and guide you with content ideas for creation so you can have reels content for your account. 

From consultation to handing your creation off completely, I'm here to help you succeed at reels!

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K. LaFleur films


We specialize in video for businesses that have a story in their brand and company culture. Through our videos, your company will have the proper assets to encourage your employees and communicate your brand value to potential clients. 

We've worked with PR Firms, Marketing Companies, Entrepreneurs, Large Corporations and non-profits. Some of our past clients include Baxter, Carolyn Sutton PR, Christ the King Catholic Church, Kristine Herman Photography, Willrett Flower Co. and more!

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re-frame your business

Ask Me Anything Sessions are now open for booking. Kelly's specialty is seeing alternative ways to shake up your business to impact your family, your life and your clients in the best way. As a mom of four, business owner and natural connector, her experience in the wedding industry allows her to advise and coach you in all areas of life!

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