17. Brett Brooner – Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Nebraska Wedding Podcast

August 13, 2019


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Videographer, Entrepreneur and mom of 4. I'm passionate about your memories and want to encourage you in your planning process!

Hi, I'm kelly


On today’s episode of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly talks to the awesome Brett Brooner of Brett Brooner Photography.  

While Brett used to dabble in videography, and shoot everything and anything, he has now focused his energy entirely on wedding photography (2:10) with the occasional family shoot.

 Brett talks about his close relationship with his family (2:40) and how it has influenced his career success and philosophy, and what he likes doing with his spare time (5:00) as well as his adventures as a newlywed and new homeowner.

As we love doing around here, Brett tells us three things we don’t know about him (7:55).  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say the first thing involves eating nothing but apple juice and ensure for MONTHS.

Kelly and Brett also chat about enneagram numbers, and their shared seven qualities (12:00) including starting projects… and dragging their feet on finishing them (14:45).

As many who know him may be aware of, Brett notoriously sold a major Instagram account, and many have wondered what he sold it for. He reveals the big number (15:30) and HOLY SMOKES! Sign us up! He talks through what the world of Instagram business looks like, and shares a lot of really interesting information on how to leverage social media in the most effective way possible (17:00) as well as his very unique and interesting business experience when it comes to running and creating major social media accounts.

 Brett talks about taking a risk in quitting his full-time job to pursue his passions (18:00) and it’s inspiring, to say the least. Let’s just say this episode will make you want to pack your bags and hit the open road!

 Most of us may not be able to pack up the truck and go on a cross-country adventure. Fortunately, listening to Brett is the next best thing!


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