27. Ashley Nicole – Nebraska Luxury Wedding Photographer

Nebraska Wedding Podcast

February 7, 2020


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On Episode 27 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly sits down for a chat with Ashley from Ashley Nicole Photography to talk all things wedding photography!

Ashley is a film and digital wedding photographer based out of Omaha. She focuses on offering a unique, personal connection with each couple to most genuinely capture natural, timeless images of their special day. (0:58)

Ashley started photography in high school as part of the yearbook staff, but set it aside in college seeing it as more of a “hobby” than a full-time career. In 2008, after taking a corporate job, she came across a blog that reignited her interest and passion in the art. She decided to get her hands on a new camera and start her old interest back up. (2:24) Meanwhile, she continued to work full time. In In 2015, Ashley was unexpectedly laid off from her job, but she quickly saw the silver lining: this was her opportunity to fully dive into her passion for photography. (3:27) She has now been running her own photography business full-time for over 5 years.

In this episode, Kelly and Ashley chat about photography, her other artistic mediums, her new studio space, and the beautiful family inspiration behind it.

Ashley then speaks on what she wishes couples knew going in to their wedding day (10:00) and the importance of trusting the vendors they’ve hired. At the end of the day, the planning should be DONE by time the wedding day rolls around – and couples should relax and let the professionals do their jobs on the big day. (12:20)

She highly recommends engagement sessions as an opportunity to get to know photographers and figure out if the couple “clicks” with the one they’ve chosen. Personality conflicts should be figured out before the big day – and this is the perfect way to gauge that compatibility.  

Ashley also touches on how to figure out if a bride has found “the one.”  Nope! Not the right groom, but the right photographer! Because there IS a right photographer for each bride. (17:00) It’s all about knowing what aesthetic they’re really drawn towards, and keeping that in mind as they search.

Ashley also touches on the new vlogging project she’s working on to help educate brides on what they’re going to need to know while planning their wedding. (23:00) She’ll include topics such as timelines, contracts from a bride’s standpoint, and advice for their wedding day as a whole.

You can find more info on Ashley, as well as her gorgeous work at Ashley-Nicole.net or on Instagram @AshleyNicoleCreative

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