19. Natalie Elsberry – Of the Earth Florals

Nebraska Wedding Podcast

October 29, 2019


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Hello, and welcome back for Season 2 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast!

 In episode 19, Kelly speaks to Natalie Elsberry of I Bloom Flowers.

Natalie’s relationship with flowers started very early on. Her mother owned an acre in Lincoln during her childhood where she grew flowers – and cultivated a life-long passion. The “formal” part of Natalie’s flower career, however, came in college – where she took floral arrangement classes in order to get enough credits to be a full time student.  Once people found out she could “do” flowers they started requesting her services… and her business “organically” snowballed from there! In fact, Natalie has recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of her thriving floral business!

Natalie discusses how the organic growth of her business has now led her to opening a retail shop (4:05). Though she never expected, or even truly wanted a brick and mortar shop (and the anxiety that comes with it!), Natalie – in her own words – explains that it’s simply “a God thing” (4:57) “This is what it’s supposed to be.” (5:26)

Kelly and Natalie discuss floral trends, and how she stays on top of them (5:38) and how social media resources like Pinterest have entirely changed the game. (7:28)

 Natalie explains how her style as a florist evolved from simply replicating what a bride wanted, to truly designing something that’s uniquely her style. (9:00)  She says there’s now a “natural vibe” to the way she designs arrangements, “very much like the way things grow and the way things look in nature.”

 Natalie talks about how she doesn’t lock herself down creatively with her proposals (11:40) “I don’t tell you what’s going to be in your bouquet. It’s a surprise. And when you get it, you’ll be thrilled and surprised.” (12:24)

 She talks about her business structure, her team, and how she decides how many weddings she takes every year. (A lesson she learned the hard way after saying YES to EVERYONE and doing over 130 weddings in a year.) It’s all about sending boundaries – whether or not she wants to call them that! (15:00)

She also tells us the meaning behind “I Bloom” -and no… it’s not like iPhone. In fact, it’s a statement! (17:41) and three things people don’t know about her. (18:20) She also touches on continuing education, (22:10) and how it’s truly an opportunity to get out of your own bubble.

 Natalie shares her insight on what clients should know before they start reaching out to florists for their own weddings, (24:22) what she thinks clients should have nailed down before they contact a florist (29:00) and her own consultation process as she takes on new clients. (25:00)

 Kelly then asks what a question she wishes couples would ask, but don’t, is. (31:00) Her answer is eye-opening.

 Finally, Natalie explains how her new move towards a brick-and-mortar shop comes from an inspiration to do “pretty” funeral flowers – and it’s as interesting as it sounds. (39:00)

You can see Natalie’s work at IBloomFlowers.com, on Instagram at @IBloomflowers, and learn more about the upcoming shop at OfTheEarthFlorals.com

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