22. Jocelyn Robertshaw – Ready or Knot Weddings Omaha

Nebraska Wedding Podcast

November 22, 2019


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For Episode 22 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly sits down with Jocelyn Robertshaw of Ready or Knot Weddings.

Kelly and Jocelyn go way, WAY back. Why? Well, Kelly actually bought her own wedding dress at Ready or Knot almost seven years ago.  The rest is history, of course! 

Before Ready or Knot, Jocelyn worked in corporate America, traveling constantly. She soon realized that lifestyle simply wasn’t for her. She was born to be an entrepreneur.

In August of 2011, Ready or Knot was born. (2:00) 

Jocelyn is originally from a teeny town one hour west of Lincoln – Aurora, Nebraska. From there, she moved to Kansas City, where she worked in the healthcare industry and sold hearing aids for years.  She’s been married for six years and has three children of her own. So while her life has changed quite drastically over the years, one thing has remained constant – her love for fashion and weddings. (5:00)

As always, Kelly asks what three things we may not know about Jocelyn are – and they are indeed surprising! Let’s just say that’s not how you’d expect someone in the wedding industry to get married! (8:19)

Jocelyn talks about things she’s run in to in the wedding industry that have turned her in to the pro she is today. Long story short: learn to READ a person’s Pinterest board.  (10:00) She also explains the things you need to know before you come in for your dress. (10:40) Figure out who you want to be on the day of your wedding – and make sure that person is ACTUALLY YOU! “Be the most beautiful version of yourself.” (11:30)

In the era of “Say Yes to the Dress,” Jocelyn also explains that less is truly more when it comes to who you bring with you. This is all about the bride’s vision, and with more opinions comes way, way more complications. (13:40)

Jocelyn makes recommendations for brides who are preparing to start the process of dress shopping, and they are SO helpful! (18:13) Believe us – she’s got some you didn’t think of. (And a warning against neon green underwear!) (27:20)

Jocelyn chats about making a dress your own, and the ability to truly customize a gown way beyond what most brides expect. (32:30) She also talks trends, and we’re LOVING what we’re hearing (35:40) She also goes over the importance of what your fiancé wears – which SO often gets ignored! “Go make him try stuff on!” 

Jocelyn talks bridesmaids! (41:00) You’re definitely going to want to hear this before you bring your girls in.  She reviews mother-of-the-bride and groom “rules” (or lack of them!) and finally, has some awesomely helpful advice when it comes to shoes. (49:00)

All in all, Jocelyn is EXACTLY the kind of girl we want by our side when we’re picking out THE dress.

You can read more about Jocelyn and her shop at http://readyorknotweddings.com/

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