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On Episode 21 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly talks to Caryn Grazier of Simply Skin Omaha about incorporating skin care into wedding planning. If, like us, you hadn’t thought of that yet… this episode is for you!

Caryn is a licensed esthetician in Nebraska certified in holistic aesthetics, which is where her passion lies.  Through holistic skin care, Karen loves “helping people find what they want from their skin, helping them achieve their greatest goals, but doing so in a way that isn’t harsh to the skin.”

She finished up school and started at a Spa and retail space – she later transitioned into a med-spa, which was a huge learning experience for her, (7:50) she has now been on her own for five years, which is an achievement all on its own.

Two years into working for herself, Karen went to a conference in Arizona where she learned about holistic skin care. (9:00) From there she chose to go through holistic skincare training and hasn’t looked back.

Caryn explains what exactly what “holistic skincare” means, and lets us know why no one should shove you into a “skin care box!” (9:50) Caryn designs a specific treatment plan for each of her clients, striving to “really customize it to their needs, their wants, and their goals.” (10:50)

 She also explains what “microcurrent” technology is, and Kelly even tries it for herself – She can already see results! (14:08). If you have time to plan before your big day – doing a series is ideal, “because it’s like going to the gym for your face. So if you go to the gym once, you’re not going to have a six pack. However, if you go to the gym multiple times, you’re going to get that tone firmness that you want.”  A quick pick-me-up before the day of, however, is great too.

Caryn then runs down the difference between a “red carpet lift,” a “frown free forehead” and “trout mouth” (HA!) treatments – as well as several other treatment programs. We’ve got three words: SIGN. US. UP. (19:10)

Caryn shares her tips for brides wanting to start a treatment program (28:00) and suggests we should ALL be drinking a lot of water and wearing sunscreen! She also has a lot to share about spray tanning – and what to watch out for, (29:50) as well as awesome tips for your bachelorette weekend. (30:00) .

You can read more about Caryn ’s practice (or even book an appointment with her!) at SimplySkinOmaha.com

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