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Nebraska Wedding Podcast

December 13, 2019


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For Episode 23 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly is joined by Joel and Kate Rudloff of A Final Take Films and DJ.

 Joel and Kate specialize in handcrafted commercial and wedding films, as well as provide premier sound entertainment and Emcee services for special events, parties, and weddings.

 Joel began dj-ing his freshman year of college, on a “well, that sounds fun!” whim. He applied to start a weekend gig with a local DJ company, and worked for them for several years. It was there that he met his future wife – Kate.

 Kate was filming weddings at the time. She had graduated from Full Sail University in Florida with a degree in Film Production. While trying to decide what came next for her career, she moved back to Nebraska where, as mentioned, she met Joel. Their partnership, both in love and business, was an inevitable one. Once they got married, they formed A Final Take together.  

One major factor that inspired them to begin their own business was the fact that by working for a large wedding company, they felt they were hardly getting to know their clients: “every wedding, it was just another event. It was just another paycheck.”

Having their own business has entirely changed that. “I actually get to know my couples story and can kind of more handcraft and detail eyes their film based upon their history and how they met and really focus on making it a one of a kind film for them.”  And isn’t that what we ALL want from a wedding video?

As per usual, Kelly asks what three things we may not know about them, and all of you Disney fans will DEFINITELY relate to Kate on this one. Joel tells us a story about how 9/11 changed his life forever. They also talk about being an ordained minister and how that’s helped in a pinch, a passion for ice cream, and virtual-reality games. We lost count, but there’s definitely more than three fun facts in there.

Kelly asks about mistakes they’ve learned from, and Joel tells us about a first song disaster that changed the way he sets up forever.  They’ve also had microphones cut out, cameras go down, and audio snafus but have recovered – and learned so much in the process!

Additionally, Kelly asks them what they wish couples would ask and it makes SO much sense.

Joel and Kate also talk a bit about their recent rebrand and what it means to them, and for the future of their business. They certainly have exciting times ahead!

To learn more about A Final Take Films and DJ at www.afinaltake.com or on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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