Bonus Nebraska Wedding Episode: Jessica Blex – Part 2

Nebraska Wedding Podcast

June 7, 2019


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Today’s special bonus episode of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, is a continuation of Kelly’s conversation with photographer Jessica Blex.

It’s worth noting that If you’re planning a wedding, if you’re someone who works weddings, or if you’re a wedding photographer looking to hear someone else’s perspective on the industry, Part 1 is definitely for you. You can listen to it here, and it’s definitely worth listening to before you dive in to Part 2.

Part 2 answers many of the questions photographer who new, or are interested in getting into weddings may (and should!) have.

Jessica Blex, out of Lincoln Nebraska, has been a photographer for the past nine years, photographing weddings for the past eight. She focuses on timeless “hybrid” photography, using film for much of her work, and has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes Weddings, and Martha Stewart’s wedding blog.  

As a seasoned photo vet, Jessica shares valuable advice for any photographer who is just getting started in the field, including figuring what works for you, and not what works for other photographers (1:45). She boldly dives in to charging what you’re worth, figuring out what that looks like, and making sure you’re running a sustainable business, (3:20); the value of taking business and tax workshops as part of your continuing education (7:30); the importance of being choosy with your time (8:50); being smart about your overhead expenses (11:20); educational resources and workshops she recommends, and those which have disappointed her (13:50); pricing strategies within your market (19:00); and being smart about taxes! (Which absolutely no one likes doing, but are entirely unavoidable when running your own business.) (22:40)

As we said – she covers all the tough questions you need answered as a new photographer – so you won’t want to miss this. (You’re so very welcome!)

You can see Jessica’s work and read a little more about her at or on her Instagram

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